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Someone needs to refresh my memory....a while back, I remember reading about scams in Mexico..something about giving the customer a drink, where something had been slipped in it, the passenger ending up in a poilice siutation,and not having any memory..possibly a robbery involved??
As I recall it was a poster who came to our boards and said this had happened to her. All we had was her version of the story. I do not know what happened to her.

I will admit that Royal Caribbean had more than its share of security problems for the industry, especially before about 2007 when they really upped their onboard security processes.

I was at Seatrade once when soneone asked Richard Fain about George Allen Smith (who disappeared in the Med). Fain said something about "what happened was not our fault." (which it wasn't).

But Bob Dickinson (pres of Carnival at the time) shot back "If it had been on one of our ships, it never would have happened."
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