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Originally Posted by PumpkinPatches View Post
I am a "Star Mariner" with HAL (less than 30 cruise days) and I am traveling with my boyfriend (who has never sailed with HAL before)..

Will he be able to recieve the same rewards as I do (ie- champagne bruch), because we are in the same stateroom and have the same booking number?

I have called HAL numerous times, getting different responses each time.
Hi Pumpkin Patches , I have sailed several times with HAL and you can be assured that your boyfriend will be entitled to most of the perks that you will receive . You can certainly invite him to accompany you for the Mariners' brunch . No one will check what is written on the invitation card . However , if you wish to pass by the Front Desk and mention that your friend always stays by your side for all the events on board , there should'nt be any problems . They simply need to know how many guests will be attending the Mariners' Brunch ( seating , meals ,etc. ) Lane
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