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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
One thing about Bonine and full stomachs. Follw the directions on Bonine that say to melt the tablet under your tongue.

Nausea often means your stomach is not digesting, which means swallowing a bonine on a full stomach may not work if you get sick soon afterards. I have thrown up at 2:00 am - well after dinner, and seen the bonine I swallowed hours before come up whole.
Ummm, Paul, TMI, TMI :o!

To Leni, the OP, unless you get carsick or airsick you probably won't get sea sick! Since I don't like to be "out of it" when on vacation :???:, I don't depend on any drugs. From what I've heard, green apples, ginger and watching the horizon are the best "cures".

A cabin that's low and midship will definitely be good if you suffer from motion sickness.

Have a wonderful cruise,
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