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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra View Post
Absolutely NOT true.....As I said before if you are on one of the older Celebrity ships you would not really be anywhere close to being "upscale"............. I have sailed Celebrity many times......... Debra
Exscuse me, Debra, but when have you last been on a Celebrity ship? I would guess that it has been at least since May, 2006, over 4 years ago; & that was on an M class ship. When were you last on on "older" Celebrity ship; ie; the C class.
Your Celebrity experiences are ancient history. Please stop innocently trying to inform your fellow cruisers about anything regarding Celebrity or their ships. After all tihs time, it is appparant that you have an axe to grind with Celebrity, & all but the newbys are aware of it
(Sorry Paul, I tired, but she is just too full of it to ignore.)
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