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Leni, as the others have told you midships/mid-deck is where you want to be for the most stable ride. As for your snorkeling, you don't have to know how to snorkel to really enjoy it,if you can float and are comfortable putting your face in the water you can snorkel. Cozumel has some amazing snorkeling, and the divemasters on the dive boats will teach you, and swim with you until they feel that you are comfortable with your snorkeling. There are beautiful beaches to just hang out at, if you are into culture and history you can discover the Mayan Ruins, if you want to swim with dolphins you can do that to. As for Jamaica, yes there has been some trouble lately with a drug war, if the island wasn't safe the cruise lines would not go there, its a shame because Jamaica is so gorgeous, if you do decide to do something ashore in Jamaica i would definately book a ships excursion
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