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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
Dave, I'm happy Customs went so well for you. Besides the problem's from the crew on "turnaround day", we also were (finally) met by two officers who didn't have a clue what a B2B cruise was. They wanted to know where our luggage was (ummm, on board), when was the last time we were out of the country (ummm, about 4 AM?). Finally, their Captain showed up and took a glance at our passports and let us get back on board. By then, one of the ship's dancer's from Romania (I think)who was going through Custom's (apparently they have to on a certain schedule?) was in tears, thinking she was not going to be let back on the ship.

It was a real mess and took over an hour instead of the usual 10 minutes!

WOW...that is ridiculous for a B2B "walk off...walk on" to take an hour.
That takes away from the B2B experience...

at least for me....the fun part is having the ship to yourself for about 1 1/2 hours!!!

We have done 3 B2Bs on Carnival and so far everyone has been perfect...even the one that had 124 of us !!!! :o

However, I have been warned that the Triumph did not handle it well in March.... (seems the Purser disappeared and just left the cruisers standing there) I will have to keep a eye on them in October....

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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