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Ha-- I've got a good one for you--shows the " mean " streak in me sometimes. ;-)
Several years ago my wife and I were at the Hyatt Waikola resort on the Big Island ( yes --I know it's a Hilton now but it was originally opened and ran as a Hyatt ) and there was this old guy who had this very pretty young lady hanging all over him ( wonder what her escort fee was ?). That evening he asked me about three or four times to take a photo of them together in different places, etc.--I figured he was wanting to brag to some other old geezers about what a lovely young thing he had with him on his trip--back then all cameras used film. He had a cheap throw away camera and every time I took a photo, I'd cut her out and just have him in the frame, all beaming and smiling, happy as a bug in a rug !! Of course he couldn't see the photos until he got them developed. Then of course, all he had was photos of himself--I bet he cursed me for a week! I thought that was funny--he probably didn't!!
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