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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
lhp, I think your son would do fine on Princess. It's not a lot different from Carnival. Does he go to the "Camp Carnival" and enjoy it? We've met people who've had to "drag" their kid's out of the kid's program on Princess! (FAQ: Cruise Answer Place : Youth & Teen Programs : Princess Cruises

(What I posted about the B2B and turnaround day is not the whole story, but I try to not be a complainer. Maybe someone just had a really bad day?)

We also enjoy the "empty" ship on a B2B!
I understand.

Please understand that starfish are not people who have legitimate complaints. (I have had my fair share over the years.)

I think legitimate complaints are healthy and can be very constructive in providing a better cruise the next time.

Starfish are the folks who find nothing at all positive about the cruise AND generalize and exxagerate about the entire experience.

Our son is 19 (but he will always be about the age of 12 emotionally because of his Autism)... but he is high functioning and verbal. Both of which are a blessing.

Sadly he is past the days of Camp Carnival and Club O2 because he really LOVED Club 02. But he gotten to experience 19 times out of the 35 cruises he has done. So he has great memories.....

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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