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Default You better shop around;)

Being involved with cruising, for well about 15 years now, a day never passes when cruising is not part of my daily experiences, so it's sometimes hard to forget, that it's not the same for everyone.

After spending Sunday with pals, who cruise, it amazed me how laisez faire he was about researching, price researching that is. His son said, "I want to go on this crusie," they said ok, and he called an agency, and since he felt comfortable with the price, booked it. He didn't know how his quote, fell in the scheme of things, in the pricing game. I chided him on not even calling ONE more place to compare.

This type of purchaser, and there are many out there, lest we forget, I bet no matter what they buy, they just cannot be bothered, as my friend said, to shop around....Oh well

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