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I'll be attending as one of the speakers. It will be an amazing time, and is is conciderably cheaper than the other Titanic memorial cruise that will be departing from England, and there will be so much going on. I think it will be much more hands on, activity centered than the trek out of Southampton.

This cruise will be extra convenient for me, as it will depart from Boston, and I just happen to live in Boston.

Here is the website of the Titanic cruise 2012 out of Boston:

Sail to the site of the RMS TITANIC and enjoy a complete learning experience aboard the AZAMARA JOURNEY.

Throughout the voyage Titanic researchers will give presentations on various aspects of that fateful night in 1912. Some will discuss the ship, others the passengers...
One person made a dive to the wreck a few years ago and will discuss that experience, and another is an avid collector of Titanic memorobillia and will give a presentation on that topic. I worked for several years at the Titanic Artifact Exhibit, and that will be my topic of discussion....

Here is the itinerary:

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