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Good morning Rollerdonna and all of our Cruisemates who follow.

I figured a lot of folks had read that piece by Barry but I'm sure most who haven't and discover it as a result of the post, will find it funny as well.

I need not tell everyone how hot it's going to be today because it appears that most of the country is in the same boat. Actually, around here the mid to upper nineties have occurred so frequently this summer, that it's getting to be almost routine. I have to admit, however, that the hottest I've personally felt has been in more northern climes. One summer day when I lived in Hyde Park, NY in the mid Hudson Valley, the temperature rose if I remember correctly to 106 F and the other time was when we were vacationing in Niagara Falls, Canada and while I don't recall the actual temp, it nevertheless was so hot as to be unbelievably oppressive.

Wanted you to know Judy that Fran and I are praying for good results on your MRI and we're anxiously awaiting with you, the results. Also hope Keith is feeling better today.

I think, Trip, that is a magnificent idea to open your own on-line business. Please keep us informed as things develop.

Henry, did you get to the Coldstone Creamery yesterday? Hope you had a wonderful birthday. There is nothing better than ice cream on a hot summer day.........or on a cold winter one as well. :-) BTW, your 'grand dog" is precious.

Sure hope the good news is continuing with Beenie Weenie's MIL. B/W sounded up beat about heading North.

Also am wondering if Jim and Luanne ever made it to Wisconsin. Flying out of your own small regional airport can have distinct advantages...especially when it comes to luggage and other personal belongings that are left for any reason.

TravelMike, I've never been to California (would love to go someday, especially to northern California) but I guess from the old movies, everytime I think of San Francisco , I envision a guy walking in a deep fog along the waterfront.

Nothing of note on tap for the weekend. I'll of course be ensconced in my recliner in front of the TV this evening and tomorrow for the two NASCAR races from Indianapolis.

I'll try and remember to update Fran's thread this weekend but suffiice it to say, overall she is still doing well.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and that each of you remain "cool" throughout!

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