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As I pointed out in an earlier post, I am so excited about visiting Indianapolis next month after we leave Cleveland. I've the itinerary pretty set up. Included is a visit with Miss DJ and Mr. Tom (Carnegie) who was "The Voice of the Indianapolis 500" for 60 years. Miss DJ made me feel so good when as I was talking to her on the phone a few days ago she told me she felt as if another son was coming home.

With the internet, I've had so much fun looking up sites which still exist (in one form or another) when I lived there as a little boy. I can't believe I even found a restaurant, "The Iron Skillet" to which the family used to go and to which my late twin and I "took" our Mother (I think we each had three bucks in our little plastic wallets) when we were around eight I'd guess. I used to love their fried chicken. Turned out it's still there, with the same menu and the same recipes as when I was last there! But oh boy, the prices sure aren't! The last time we were there I think the skillet fried chicken dinner was around $3.50. It's now $18.50! Funny how as you get old you can't remember what happened fifteen minutes ago but you remember details of inconsequential incidents from 55 years ago.
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