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Default How easy to check smoking policy for cruise lines

I got curious as to what the smoking policy for Disney was so I went and checked. All I had to do was go to FAQs under Health and Safety. The reason I got curious is because the individual stated that the husband's parent had been cruising Disney for a couple of years and wanted them to join in the experience. Also if the grandparents were aware of how severe the grandchild's reaction was to smoke I guess I am surprised that the grandparents did not mention that there were places on the ship where people could smoke. The other thing is if the child's reaction is so severe I was surprise that the parents did not do some research prior to booking a cruise. All it would take is a quick check of the web site of the cruise line or one quick toll free phone call to the cruise line. I hope the family finds a vacation that fits for them.

Where can I smoke on board?
Disney Cruise Line has never allowed smoking in Guest staterooms. In addition, smoking is prohibited in all interior spaces throughout our ships. However, private verandahs and starboard-side open-air decks 9 and 10 have been designated as smoking areas in an effort to provide a cruise experience that satisfies both our non-smoking and smoking Guests. Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., smoking is also allowed on the starboard-side of Deck 4. The remaining hours are dedicated to those wishing to jog or walk along the Promenade.