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Default Get Outta' that rack, I'ts Monday!

Sorry Rollerdonna, decided since I was up, I'd open the day only because of late, I've been posting so late. Figured if I didn't get it done this morning, it would again be this evening 'afore I got around to it.

Another warm and humid day on tap but not quite so hot....or so the weather soothsayers relate.

Off for early voting (Primary) in about two and a half hours and then it's off to the Animal Adoption Center.

Hope all who are ailing are feeling better and those who had tests get good results.

Fran continues to do well except for extreme fatigue. I jump in and so as much as I can so she can rest as much as possible. Although I'm no housekeeper, at least I manage to keep the Health Department away!

Mike, When it comes to heat pumps, I'm praying ours continues with no problems. It's fourteen years old now and has been running 99 percent of the time for weeks now. But by gosh, it's been superbly comfortable this year again ... yet thus far at any rate And we do change filters religiously. Hope you get yours fixed before you start withering up there in Minnesota whereat I think few really understand that it can get hot indeed up there. At least from Indiana northward it looks as if it's not only going to be a bit cooler but few if any heavy rain areas are predicted (at least as of yesterday evening. But as we all know, the weather people are sadistic liers!!

Hope all who were ailing or the weekend are better this morning and that your temp has started downward, Mike.

I don't recall your posting whether or not you took you sojourn to the Creamery Friday night. Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration!

Prayers of course for all 'o you'uns on an ever growing list accompanied by a request for Blessings upon everyone.

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