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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well it really is a good morning! The sun is shining after a long weekend of travel and after a good nights sleep in my own bed. I got home about 10:30 last night and was greeted by the kiddos, my sis and d/h. They were all hanging out here watching movies and waiting for me to come home.

I left Sarnia at about 2:45 yesterday thinking that would be more than enough time to catch a 7:15 flight in Detroit... I was nearly mistaken. I checked with d/h's aunt who lives in a condo that has a terrific view of the bridge that you have to cross to get back into the U.S. and she said that traffic was backed up for miles, which equates to at least a couple of hours or more of waiting. So I headed down along the edge of the St. Claire River to a sleepy little town called Sombra and the line was shorter than I had ever seen it and within an hour and a half from when I left Sarnia, I was on the ferry crossing the river (this is my favorite way to cross the border, but it only works if you want to head to Detroit and makes sense when the bridge traffic is congested). The river was a beautiful shade of blue and they were running boat races. I wished I could stop and spend a couple of days but it would not have been any fun without the kids and d/h along.
I got off the ferry in Marine City, MI and headed down the back roads to find I-94 about 30 minutes later I found it and put the pedal to the metal.I knew I would be cutting it close. Of course the renatal car needed to be gassed up and for some reason they do not have any public bathrooms near the ferry, so the minute I get there and you hear and see water everywhere, of course that is when nature calls. So I try to keep my mind off of it and I can wait no more. I am about 20 miles from the airport and see a gas station off the Interstate, so I exit and by the time I realize I am in a very dodgy area of Detroit (I have yet to see too many areas of Detroit that aren't Dodgy, after all it is the murder capitol of the U.S.).

To put it teeth were floating, I could wait no longer. I jumped out of the car and ran into the scary gas station, that had a long line of scary people waiting to pay for bullets or something... I just kept running and figured it would be harder to hit a moving target. Anyhow I found my way to the bathroom, which surprisingly was quite clean, but it had a sign on the door saying it was out of order... well "holding it" was not an option at this point so I started telling myself, this is a trick to keep the riff raff out and keep the bathroom nice and clean for the non riff raff clientele. So I check out the toilet and it appears to be in working order. The sink ran hot and cold water and there was soap and paper towels. So I could wait no longer and did what had to be done. Fortunately, everything functioned as it should and the toilet did not explode. So I ran back out to the pump and swiped my credit card, to commence filling up the rental car, well the screen says "see attendant" so I go back in and the guy was clueless how to authorize the pump to fill it up and then charge the card. Eventually I filled it up and was back on the road. As I pulled away I realized he had only charged me $21.23 but I had pumped $21.73. I hope God forgives me, but I was not risking my life and running back in there to give the guy another 50 cents... I figured my luck was about to run out. I may drop it in the mail today to eliviate my guilty conscious.

I finally get to the rental car place and drop off the car. Soon thereafter the shuttle bus driver shows up to take us to the Terminal. By the time he drops me off I have 40 minutes until my flight is scheduled to take off. I head through the security line and of course they confiscated my bottle of Fuse I had thrown into my bag and forgotten. I now have 25 minutes til departure time and look at the screens to see my gate is on the far end of the terminal. So I go up the escalator and hop on the tram which speeds me down there. I finally get to the gate...and of course the dang plane isn't even there yet. So I pop across to Popeye's and get some shrimp and biscuits. I return to the gate and I am sitting there stuffing my pie hole, thinking to myself how nice it will be to return to my nice little Norman Rockwell town and see familiar, friendly faces smiling at me. I looked up and see a lady sitting with her family and think wow she really looks like my friend Deena. Her Mother worked with me years ago and I went to High School with her Sister. They had all joined us 4 or 5 years ago on the Liberty's first Caribbean sailing. Then after noticing my friends look alike I started looking at all of this ladies family members and realize I knew them all, they were my friends from home woohoo!!!! We sat and visited, they had just returned from another cruise and were on their way home on the same flight. That was a welcome surprise.

The flight back to Indy was quick and uneventful. I arrived as the sun was starting to set and the shuttle was waiting to take me to my vehicle. I got home about 10:30 to find my sis, d/h and the kids waiting up for me. All I can say is that it is so nice to be home.

My Mother in law is doing very well. The physical therapists are going to kick rehab up a notch today and I have no doubt she will be very tired tonight. I was thrilled to see so much of her strength returning. She has a long way to go, but I am optimistic and encouraged.

I think d/h will be heading up there this next weekend to visit. He has had a long couple of weeks working down in Bloomington which involves 4-5 hours of drive time every day. So heading up to Canada was not possible until those classes were done.

Life is good, we have much to celebrate and be thankful for!

I hope you all have a great week. Prayers for you guys who are in need. Todd, Fran and Judy, you guys are in my thoughts and my prayers!

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