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I am not sure when you had your web page or when Minng Company started a cruise section. Strangely anouth, the company that acquired us also acquired and, two of the first cruise sites online.

Now still gets a fair amount of traffic just due to its name. It has an editor that I work with but he is just now getting up to spped on it. Sealetter was allowed to fade away (although I think it is still online).

I know what you mean about people saying "inter wha....?" But I will tell you that starting with the Internet bubble in 1998 that by the time Seatrade rooled around in the year 2000 the Internet was ALL the cruise lines were talking about.

They caught on - in conceot, very quickly. What they did not foresee was the demise of AOL and the rise of the Internet itself (few people saw that). A lot of cruise lines did not even have web sites until 2001.

But someone at SeaTrade 2000 said "in 10 years there will not be a single cruise sale without at least one Internet component" and I don't think many people believed him, but he was absolutely right.

And it is only going to get bigger and bigger.

And this is where it is going - in 10 years the Internet will be the equivalent of cable TV. There will be tons of video content which you will watch on demand, and it will be tours of cruise ships, etc. There will be a QVC-like channel for selling cruises, and they will have a full-time hostess and will feature certain cruises at different times during the day.

By this time half of America will have tried a cruise and cruise ships will be largely comoditized, like hotel rooms on priceline or condos on golf courses. You will see them put up a cruise line sail date and offer it at one price for early buyers and the price will go up (or down) depending on demand.
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