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Well I can only answer to a couple of your questions. We just got off the Sapphire yesterday morning (Sunday the 25th of July) and we had a good time.
How about outer wear, sweaters....
Sounds stupid I know, BUT I came from 103 degrees and didnt even give a jacket a second hoodie will be fine I told the wife. I spent 25.00 in Junue buying a jacket. have a jacket bring it you wont regret it. as others will tell you layers are a good thing, once I had the jacket tho I was fine.

How strict is the cuiseline on dress for dinner? Can you wear nice jeans? Sport coat on formal night?

This one makes me angry, and yes it does tell you in the paperwork etc about the formal nights. I will explain this part in a moment, but first let me answer your question.
They allowed casual dress, shorts in the buffet. NO SWIMMING TRUNKS
In your assighned dining room (you dont have to eat here, altho its fun and you get to sit with people and have dinner with them, its cool) you can wear jeans and shirts just no shorts.
Formal night, whole different animal. Slacks, Tie, long sleeves. This is a guys perspective, now my wife went in on the second night and they allowed her...if we had stayed, in in her black jeans and nice shirt.
I had bought a "silk" tie from the onboard store and had a nice shirt and black jeans, the maitra dee stopped me and said no jeans were allowed. So in answer to your question, NO JEANS. A sport coat is nice, but from what I saw wasnt absoulutly nessasary.


And here is my rant on that topic......You have four main dining rooms (Vivaldi, Santa Fe, Savoy and Pacific Moon) in addition you have the buffet, and the grill which serves hamburgers, hotdogs and fries and or onion rings. Now if the cruiseline wants to offer a couple of nights of formal wear I dont have a problem with is what they might consider first off not everyone wants to play the dressup game. As an example my wife and I arent rich, not stuffy and really dont enjoy having to do the dressup thing, and then have to feel uncomfotable throughout the meal as a result of having to be dressed up.
So my suggestion would be Princess have your formal nights, but take one of your resturants and say we will serve you the same as what the formal folks are getting but come in regular clothes....after all you paid for it.
So what happened the second formal night, I returned the tie and we had buffet, not the lobster, not the Alaskan bake or the other fine foods that we had looked forward to. My wife was so upset over this she did not want to return to that resteraunt the next night, and if she isnt going to be happy about going to the resturant over this matter I am not going to force the issue just to go to a dinner. We met some wonderful folks at dinner and its a shame we didnt get to enjoy their company the last evening, and I hope they understand (should they read this Dave and Nancy) it wasnt anything personal. Its a policy thats just uncomfortable for some.
Thats my rant for now, other than that we had an awesome trip and Im sure you will as well. Hope this helps

I am sure someone will chime in with the fact that this is assighned seating and I understand that, take a survey find out who doesnt want the formal dining and go from there...the arguments to this could go on and on again this is just our opinions

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