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once again as stated before

"the parents"

live in a state that for years has been virtually smoke free in all public places so removed from the task of having to "research" the idea of clean non toxic air in which to fill our and our children's lungs with while on vacation

I take full blame for my failure to "adequately research" our vacation
I have since learned my lesson that non cigarette smoke polluted air research needs to be placed on the "planning a vacation check list" next to how far is the next rest stop and where are we gonna eat -and will never again commit such a sin -This however does not mean that I don't have a right to complain about something I dont like...just look up the complaint boards and see the petty crud that people moan about...I think getting cancer is as worthy of a whine fest as some of the stuff I have seen people complain about--and of course there is always that subset of message board users that just HAVE to say something to everything "you dont like having to dress fancy one night? well cruising isnt for you then" "you dont like children-well cruising isnt for you then" "you dont like living for a week with strangers -90% of which will not have the same standards of "manners" as you do for yourself...then cruising isnt for you" you dont like tipping someone for a service.. cruising isnt for you"--its the go to answer

yes I GET that I have not made friends with the smokers of this message board --yes I am self righteous and cranky and passionate about an issue and I have struck a nerve on some people that cant resist a chance to open a thread that they know they are not gonna like..thus putting themselves in a place to play victim to the mean uppity full of herself non smoker that wants to strip their rights/enjoyment/addiction away from them so her child can breathe and then get uproariously peeved when she serves that tasty morsel of truth hurts back at them rather than slinks away.

I mean really..since I have already ticked off the smokers of this board so much..why not just go all the way--happy?

Guess what
I still think the smoking policy on Carnival is unfair and unhealthy-
I still think that in order to enjoy a smoke free cruise one must be a millionaire and book some exotic luxury line is discrimination
I still think there is a lot of room for improvement so that both "sides" can be happier and
Im still gonna go on my cruise to Cabo in October and have the best danged time anyone has ever had on a vacation--all because I was able to get this off my chest here now to anonymous strangers--I much prefer spewing my anti cigarette smoke sentiment on you all (that keep giving me things to reply to) rather than to my balcony smoking neighbor
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