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Default Cruising With 11 month old - NEED ADVICE!!!!

I will be traveling with my 11 month old daughter on Norvegian Epic in August (2010).

Any advice? What to pack? What not to pack? Shes eating everything adults eat, but blended....any advice/experince on what will be acomodated and what wont be? Should I bring a portable blender/food processor? Will I be able to use it any where on the ship?

How about little swimmer diapers? Rules state "According to United States Public Health (U.S.P.H.) regulations, no diapers of any kind are permitted in the swimming pools or jacuzzis, including those marketed as "swimmers."

So what are we to do? not use the ameneties? Shes paying for her trip too, shouldnt she be able to use some sort of water fun activities/amenities? (also, note to all other travelers with infants, we were not told about this at any time during booking or after. I just stumbled up on this info now, 3 weeks before cruise. Plus, travel agent told us to bring little swimmers for the pool area.)

How about diaper change areas throughout the ship, are there any? If not, any sugestions?

Any advise on bathing her? I traveled on Royal Caribean Mariner of the Seas in 2008 (no kids at that time) and showers seemed to be very high pressure, so not very baby friendly. Any advise what to do on the Epic?

How about cribs any tips/info in regards to those?

Any other tips/info that I might have not mentioned?


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