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I really appreciate everyones input and the advice in regards to the blow up pool. Also, I do understand the concerns of other cruisers.

However, not sure if any of you have children, but consider the following:

1. Blow up pool is just as exciting at home, so why would I want to deny my child of enjoying her vacation,
2. Children pay same rate as a 3rd passenger, which should entitle them to be able to use all of the cruise ameneties, diapered or not! (sorry, but I dont see any regulations against older adults with bowl movement control problems. Because it is their responcibility to ensure curtesy and safety of others. With children it should work the same, as long as a parent makes all effort to ensure safety of their child and others, kids should be allowed in the pool)
3. Kids are people too, dont forget that, they are not pets, they are humans, and just like adults they enjoy vacations as well. Adults who bring their children on vacation, simply understand that and they want their child to have a fun vacation too. Also, many people (especially business owners) dont see their children much and FAMILY VACATION (note the word family, which in most cases includes parents and children, even babies) is the only time they can enjoy their time with their chilhildren.
4. Once again...Kids pay same as 3rd passenger for their vacation and their parents paid full price to enjoy a vacation, untill travelers with babies start paying 1/2 price and babies start cruising for free, the entire family has every right to enjoy all amenities.

Think about it....Almost forgot, if we were well informed on ta's and cruise lines part before we booked (everyone knew we will be traveling with a baby), we would of never went with any of the cruise lines with this restriction. Instead we would of booked with Disney (which allows children everywhere).

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment.
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