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Trip - 100% agree with in general even the potty trained once should stay at the kiddie pool for many reasons, not just the "potty" reason.....but the issue is that none of the pools or splash pads (apperently) can acomodate a diapered child.

Lisa K - I do understand the issue...however, 3 of Royal Caribean ships and 2 of Disney ships, and now according to you Princess, have a childrens' splash area that is safe for diapered tots...which makes it possible for a criuse ship to have a more simple system just for that area...why is this not done on every ship??????????

Hope you understand what I mean now....I do not want to put my child in an adult pool, its not safe for her for many reasons and I was a childless cruiser just 2 yrs ago, so I know that adults do not want kids in their pool and I gladly will acomodate that...but my argument is that there should be at least a splash area for all kids, including diapered, on every ship...we all know that this is possible.....unless, a cruise line specificly designates that ship to be an adult only ship, or for example 10 years and up only ship...something along the lines of that....

Well, Epic is a new ship, not much info is available on it yet, so, hopefully there is that special little spot on that ship that can acomodate my daughter and other diapered kids. (although I'm under the impression that there is nothing there for her.)
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