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Originally Posted by belinda View Post
i know this post has been here for quite awhile but this is the only time i was able to read it. in response to your post, i have nothing against smokers but they should be responsible and the cruise line must impose strict rules on this. if that's how the princess is then i won't consider boarding that ship especially when i'm with my kid. in any place you go, there are designated smoking area. though there are just people who does not care about others, so we are the non-smokers perish from their being inconsiderate.
The line I bolded makes it sound like if you breathe any second hand smoke you will drop dead on the spot. I do agree that in the cases of people with respiratory disease of some type second hand smoke would be bad. But most of the time a little smoke isn't going to kill you on the spot.
I'm a non smoker and I was in the sport bar on Splendor watching a soccer game. There was quite a bit of smoke and guess what I'm still alive.

I hate it when non smokers go into a smoking area to complain about the smoke or make stupid fake coughing sounds. As a non smoker I find it irritating to be in the smoking area with other disrespectful non smokers. If you are a non smoker in a smoking area complaining about the smoke then you are a person looking to cause trouble. Stop it you are making the rest of us non smoker look bad.
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