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Thanks Richsea...

I have to point out that the Fielding's Guide if 1994 & 95 was written by CruiseMates co-founder Anne Campbell. And she was the one who taught a lot of us a lot of thing about how to review a cruise ship in such a way that it is a fair review for the reader.

She said things like "no reviews based on press trips" for example, and "let a ship have its shake down period before you review it."

Thise things are mostly impossible because there are so many ships.

We DO try to treat cruisers like adults - not kids like you see at other cruise sites. We figure cruisers are mostly smart people who know what they are getting and what they want.

And we are not afraid to approach controversy here, either.

I am just now on a trip with CC editor to see the new Queen Elizabeth, and someone from the shup yard said "we moved the entrance of the queen's lounge from the edge to the middle of the room." and she piped up...

"That's the kind of stiff our readers are really interested in." I couldn't help laughing.
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