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Originally Posted by johnhealy49 View Post
Why is it that NCL will only allow one company to furnish oxygen tanks and assorted other material? They force you to use Care Vacations and their rates at totally out of reason. I use a service that is nationwide and it does not cost a dime more to have them set me up in any hotel in the US. Hope to hear an explanation. John
With a short time searching there are the following answers. In the end the ultimate reason any vessel has a rule is passenger safety. They decide the safest way to go, not you.

Recently CCL and its pax were in an uproar about extention cords. There are far too many types of various quality out there and one passenger can bring an unsafe on aboard and possibly cause a fire.

Think of the triangle....oxygen is a component of the triangle. The ship must be able to control those factors that contribute to a fire.

***** Travel Oxygen | Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental | Cruise Ship Oxygen | Oxygen of Airlines | Oxygen for Trains!

***** Travel Oxygen | Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental | Cruise Ship Oxygen | Oxygen of Airlines | Oxygen for Trains!

Norwegian Cruise lines
As of 9/1/07, NCL has signed an exclusivity contract with an exclusive provider to be the sole supplier for oxygen and mobility services. They will be the only company allowed to deliver and supply all mobility aid equipment including standard (non-motorized) wheelchairs and electric equipment (scooters), oxygen equipment for use during the cruise or tours for guests who have pre-arranged the service with this company. Please note, liquid oxygen is not permitted on any NCL or NCLA vessel nor will be supplied by the vendor under any circumstance

Using Oxygen Safely While Traveling

Traveling By Ship with Oxygen
Most cruise ships will allow personal oxygen to come along. It is advisable to call the cruise ship prior to boarding, and make arrangements. The shipping line will need a letter from a health care provider including a medical history, and a copy of the oxygen prescription. Arrange to have oxygen delivered at the ship, as well as to any layovers during the cruise.

Gimp on the Go: Disabilities Travel Publication

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