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I take all you wrote seriously and am sorry for your displeasure but I do wonder if much of what you complain of the most could not have been avoided by a more careful study of deck plans and selection of cabin that would have been more to your liking. The information is available, you just have to read it. Seems you picked a location that was noisier than others but you might have been able to know that in advance with good research.

Was it really such a big deal re: Front Office location? There are elevators right beside as well as atrium stairs immediately in front? They could not be More conveniently located. Let's give an accurate representation. First you comment it's a small ship then you comment you had to go to a a different deck........ with a small ship, really...... how far was it you had to go? Especially given the handy location of elevator and stairs. Again, better research in advance would have enabled you to know ship's layout.

Are you a Mariner? If so, you should have mentioned to the dining room about the Mariner Embarkation Lunch in the Dining Room. We opt for Lido on Embarkation Day as we love the energy and excitement but understand some folks wish for Main Dining Room........ next time remember about the Mariners Lunch.

As to constant maintenance, that is the sign of an excellently taken care of ship. We always kid on HAL if it moves they greet it, if it doesn't they clean it. I always greatly appreciate they are always polishing, shining, cleaning, painting, maintaining. These ships take a hard beating and must have constant care.

Hope your next cruise suits you more.
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