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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Henry .. this one honestly caught me by surprise. I've cruised Carnival many times since 1995, and haven't found anything resembling a "100% party atmosphere".

Don't know when you've last sailed them, but you'll find plenty of "older folks" on today's Carnival.

There are plenty of activities going on, and that's part of their "Fun Ship brand", but it's far from an all out party all the time. I don't even drink, and not really a "party guy", and I seem to fit in just fine on Carnival.

Aside from that, it seems like you'd implement a total change of the brand, and could cost the company MILLIONS of $$, so you wouldn't be left in charge very long

I cruised with Carnival in 1994 and it was a very young 20 something crowd whereas I was in my 50's.

Re costing the company millions ,its not very likely that I would ever be in charge of a cruise line so why not dream .
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