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Hmmm...I think I might like this poster !!
Well said.
Btw, is the username akin to the recently caught yellow lobster?

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Originally Posted by yelocrab View Post
I don't like to sit next to the obese man who is spilling into my seat on the airplane. I don't like listening to the drunk in the pool with the voice that escalates in volume and increases in profanity as he finishes each tequila shot. I am not fond of watching itchy and scratchy play tonsel hockey gropeapalooza in the pool while my kids are around. It bothers me when someone dips one tortilla chip into the guacamole twice. It irritates me when people cut in line and when one person saves eight seats. The lady who leaves her blinker on for three miles on the freeway annoys me. When, and only when, you have decided what drink you would like to order should you get in line at Starbucks.

However, I am a smoker. I smoke cigars and I enjoy their smell. I am aware that they are "allegedly" bad for you. I have heard that they may cause "health problems". I am so tired of the politically correct tip-toeing that has permeated our society today that it makes me want to vomit. I will obey the rules where smoking is concerned. You have the right to ask me not to smoke near you, but if you are in a smoking area I have the right to politely decline your request. Should you choose to complain at that point you may as well make it a matter of record with the corporate boys. Understand that if I cannot smoke somewhere, I must choose whether I still would like to go there. If I make that choice, shame on me if I complain that there is nowhere to smoke.

The extermination of personal liberties cannot be selective by nature. If smoking can be banned, why not alcohol? Alcohol is responsible for the deaths of more people than tobacco and all other drugs combined. Ask any ER doctor. What about overeating? Should I have to be responsible for higher healthcare premiums because of the eating habits of others that are insured? Perhaps those with a higher body fat should pay higher insurance premiums and be taxed on everything they consume each day above 2000 calories.

I have the right to eat, drink, smoke, watch dirty movies, fart in the elevator, sing in the car and I vote with my wallet. I'll not sit back and have a few people talk down to smokers as if they are an inconsiderate, diseased lot of miscreant, reprobate toad people. We have feelings, you know. Not as many feelings, obviously, as non-smokers, but we do have a few of them. You want to live in the solution and find a way to limit your exposure on a cruise, please be my guest. That seems reasonable. But when you don't do the research on the front-end to protect your family please don't look to the 3000 passengers to change their behavior. FYI, I would also not take your son to Las Vegas, Paris, Mexico or Texas, for that matter, as there is widespread smoking going on that you may not be aware of.
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