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Default First Cruise Crime Reports Revealed

Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinal Publishes Initial Cruise "Crime" Reports

The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel released a statement today saying it has published some of the initial reports of "crime upon cruise ships" as the cruise lines intend to report to the FBI under the new law. Here is the paper's statement...
When deaths, assaults, thefts and other incidents occur aboard cruise ships, cruise lines file reports with the FBI. The Sun Sentinel obtained copies of reports filed from December 2007 through October 2008 and created a searchable database, that makes this information available to the public for the first time. (Other requests for this data remain unfulfilled.)
In fact - these reports are very similar to what the cruise lines have been reporting to the FBI for years.

When we read through these reports at CruiseMates we think it is very important to point out that these are not crime reports, as they are called. These are listings of allegations of crime that people on cruise ships have made to people in charge on cruise ships. In no way should these be regarded as actual proven crime convictions or resolutions, except in cases where it says there was an arrest made followed by a conviction, or some kind of admission of guilt is on record.

In fact, most of these cases remain non-adjudicated, in many cases there was no follow-up at all by the request of the person filing the complaint. This means no determination that any crime was committed was ever made. In that light, we at CruiseMates hope someone with a criminal law enforcement background will look at these reports and render an opinion as to their validity and relevance in determining the true level of crime and/or safety on cruise ships.

The reports can be found here:
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