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I have searched for reports of crimes in amusement parks, and no, they do not report them.

But the reasoning there is that Disneyland is in a city, and you can look up crimes made in cities. The same is true of Las Vegas. And if you look up Las Vegas you will see it is far more dangerous per capita than a cruise ship. They dont even have balconies in Vegas anymore - at any height.

I think the better question is this - is it a crime just because someone makes an allegation?

I once did a radio interview with a San Diego radio host who actually said to me "well, if someone reported it there must have been a crime."

Guilty until proven innocent. All I can say is it is a good thing she doesn't live in Iran. And that I don't live there with her. There they would stone her to death for having an affair. And if you had an affair with her and she got caught - what would she say?

"He raped me?"
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