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Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies View Post
I would shake things up a bit by introducing more new activities on board and changing the shows more often. When you see the same shows 4 or 5 times (not always the same ship, either), and hear the same jokes, see the spoon game etc., it can get a little boring.

When we started cruising 7 years ago, there were more audience participation type activities and we enjoyed those. There are still some, but not as many as before.

I would also love to see more evening activities onboard for dancing, with good dance music, not just the electric slide, but swing, foxtrot, etc. Some nights, the ships seem so dead that we walk around looking for something to do after the show.

I would like to see the pools open more at night, and earlier in the morning. We, older folks (60 & 61) would enjoy an early morning or late night swim, when all the bikini clad, heavy drinking, young people are either partying late or sleeping in.
Changing the shows more often is one of the most expensive things you can do on a cruise line - and there is no financial return for your efforts.
This move wold cost Carnival many millions of dollars with no increase in profits to show for your efforts.
The shareholders would vote you out of office very quickly for this move.

Most cruise lines have cut back on dance music due to lack of demand - and the passenger cabins required for the extra musicians. Two musicians in a passenger cabin replace about $2,000 in revenue every week.
The shareholders would have you quickly unemployed for this idea as well.

The pools need to be closed a minimum number of hours for emptying,cleaning, re-filling, maintenance, and balancing of chemistry.
8 hours is the industry standard.
Most accidents in pools happen late at night when drunks decide to have a bit of fun. The cruise line's lawyers will not allow late night pool hours.
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