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Originally Posted by Cruzin_PA View Post
Why not do something that has not been done for a long time in the industry. Build smaller ships, that can visit shallower ports, and more exotic destinations. Not everyone wants a mega ship, although sometimes it is nice, but in turn, it would be nice to be on a ship with only 500 to 1200 people.
The smallest mass market cruise ship currently making a profit is carrying just over 2,500 passengers. Anything smaller than that cannot make a profit - regardles of the fares they charge.

Seabourn, Sea Dream, and the other small ship companies have NEVER made a profit in their entire histories.

Why would a CEO (who wants to keep his job) propose to spend many millions of dollars to build a ship that is guaranteed to lose money?
AS CEO, you would be gone from the company before many people even learned your name.
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