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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
There has been a subtile change in Celebrity's dress code. They no longer have a prohibition on jeans in the MDR. Here is the way the dress code used to read...

Before Six

Dining options abound aboard Celebrity. For breakfast and lunch, jeans, shorts and casual daywear are allowed in all dining venues before 6:00pm. After 6:00pm, this attire is allowed only in casual restaurants and cafés.

The web site now eliminates the above paragraph.

I believe next will be a smart casual dress code for all nights especially since latest reports back are that less than 25% are wearing tuxes and in some cases less than 10%. This is on all cruises, Europe, Caribbean, Bermuda...
I read reports from Celebrity cruisers very carefully, and I disagree that Celebrity will be going to a smart casual dress code for all nights anytime soon.

Although there are fewer tuxes then there were four or five years ago, most reviews state that MOST men are in suits.

One recent report that keeps getting repeated and repeated is one by someone who actually dined in Blu, who stated that there were less suits than usual. Blu is a specialty restaurant, and the dress code in all Celebrity specialty restaurants is Smart Casual and Above every night. So that person was not reporting on the Main Dining Room, which is at the opposite end of the ship from the specialty restaurants. She may have seen a lower incidence of suits and tuxes in the specialty restaurants.

Most reviews and reports seem to indicate that the majority of men in the MDR are wearing suits.
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