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Default Stop the "two for One" Cruise Sales

I probably get notices of "two for one" cruise sales more than any other promotion. Are these not the most unconvincing and yawn-evoking sales announcements ever?

I will read a bit to see if the prices are any good, but when it says "2 for 1 based on brochure rates" I am finished.

Do brochure rates mean ANYTHING TO ANYONE anymore?

This is one sales approach the cruise lines should just end. Even if it was once valid, it has become meaningless, no one has charged a brochure rate in the last 10 years.

I just picked up a brochure fromn a luxury line. It actually lists the 1/2 off (same as 2 for 1 ) sale price IN THE BROCHURE.

What good is a brochure that says "brochure price" and "sale price" which is always 1/2 off? We know what the price is - it's the sale price. The "brochure" is just a way of saying "we'd be charging a lot more for this cruise if we thought you were stupid enough to pay it, but you haven't paid this much for a cruise in a decade, so this is what we are asking."

Get over the crap.

It isn't a sale price if you PRINT IT IN YOUR BROCHURE!

This has just gone on long enough.
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