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Perfect timing. I just closed my browser session on I closed it while uttering the words: Bull ****.

It was in response to their "Last Chance" promotion email. The 2 for 1 fare was just 1/2 off the brochure rate and the "free air" would cost me just over $500.

These gimmick promotions are ridiculous. The problem is that it becomes "The little cruise line that cried wolf." Almost daily I receive snail mail promotions and it's at the point that they never make into the house. They are tossed into the recycling before I even read them. I also delete many emails without ever reading them. Once in awhile they may actually have a "real" deal but I've wasted so much time looking at B.S. that I probably miss them.

If you have a deal then send out a promotion. Otherwise just publish your dang fare.

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