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I cannot comment on your specific cabin, however, in general, subcategories (A, B, C) of Categories (#1 in your case) is all about "location, location, location." The cabins themselves are almost always identical inside. It mainly comes down to money; the cruise lines try to figure out ways to charge more for what their marketing folks (and passengers in some cases) think are slightly better cabins so they can charge extra for it. Whether each individual can see the advantages of these various subcategories are many times "in the eye of the beholder." What may be a worthwhile investment for some may not be for others. For example, usually the cabins in the center of a deck are a higher category than the identical cabin forward or aft of center. (Motion sickness is one reason many will go for the center.) For us, this is not a big deal. we would prefer to be located near a set of elevators to help reduce walking. Therefore, in our case, a lower category may actually be better than a higher category that is not near a group of elevators.

Although location is the primary driver of different subcategories, there may be other reasons such as a larger (or smaller) balconies, view obstruction issues, and what is located above a specific cabin (noise issues).

You really need to look at each cabin and consider the following and make your own call of what is important:
1. Check the location vs. the distance to the bow and the stern.
2. What is located on either side of a cabin. (For example, I avoid cabins that have a door between two cabins, which is nice for families requiring two rooms, but can cause noise issues and may remove some storage space from your cabin.)
3. What is located on the deck above the cabin, and maybe to a lesser extent, what is below. Noise from above is a common complaint, from below, not so much. To be safe, choose a cabin with nearly nothing above it, or just a standard cabin.
4. Check the cabin's location relative to everything else. The wrong location can lead to a lot of unnecessary walking, which is a problem for people with handicap issues.

No easy answer to your question; it is really up to the individual to carefully review what you are buying and make sure it fits your needs.
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