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I happen to be a very well educated American and have come to realize that the current administration is elitist, geared toward creating a larger government, control over most every aspect of our lives and creating a dependency class of citizens. Call it Socialism, as more than half of the citizens of the US now do, or anything that makes you feel better, but it is what it is. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

Speaking as a former Democrat and also as a former Republican, the corruption by both parties in politics has been increasing for many, many years. The current administration however, has raised corruption to an entirely new level. It is certainly not hard to understand why the TEA party is now the largest party in the United States.

We are now at a turning point in American history and the country must decide whether we want activist Liberal judges, like the one in California, over ruling 7 million voters. Whether we want an administration squandering our children’s and grandchildren's future by continued reckless spending to pursue their Liberal agenda.

Obama's approval rating has plummeted from 69 % to 41% and a Democratic controlled Congress now has an approval rating of 11%, which says it all. The vote in Missouri, to reject the heart of the Liberal sham of a health care bill was over 71%. No government can force people to buy something they don't want to purchase.
With fourteen more States waiting in the wings to file suit against the government, over this health care bill, what does that say about our current leadership?

I will bet that there are few Liberals who know that among the waste and fraud of the so-called stimulus plan, which has been a miserable failure, was a grant for 1.9 Million dollars for exotic Ant research! Now there is something we can all be glad to have our tax dollars going to!!! Meanwhile the offshore drilling remains closed, so at least the Liberal environmentalists are happy.

With integrity nothing else matters; without it nothing else matters.

Winston Churchill

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