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Default Never been on a cruise

I am glad I found this thread! My name is Jose, 47, Hispanic single gay professional guy living in Miami. I have never been on a cruise in my life and I think that comes down to my personal anxieties of becoming bored to death or being stuck in a boat in the middle of no where - yea...yea...I know those anxieties are irrational. Actually I was planning to travel "solo" sometime in 2011. Since I live in Miami, I have seen that new ship from Norwegian Cruise Line "EPIC" a few time leaving its port. What peaked my interest is that this ship has solo cabins with no "single supplement!" and has tons of activities on-board. I am no "spring chicken" or have the looks of a gay porn star so I have avoided the Atlantis gay cruises which I read and was told by many its geared for the circuit party boys in their 20's to 30's anyways.
Anyways, what I am looking for is to relax and escape reality for awhile and do something new and face something I actually feared So that's my condensed story!

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