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Originally Posted by Libragirl View Post
I totally agree! I have loved Playa del Carmen from the first time I ever visited it. The beach and water are beautiful! So is the whole area! I love walking down 5th Avenue and just exploring the town in general. We thought about buying a small house there several years ago. I sometimes wish we had. I'm sure the prices have gone up greatly since then.
I first went to Playa Del Carmen in 1994 and stayed at a resort. It was sort of a sleepy fishing village at that time. In 2000 we visited on our first cruise and it was more built up but still nice. I hadn't been there in four years but when I was there in May I was shocked at how built up it was. It was a completely different place then what I'd seen just a few years before. The sheer number of vendors, stores and other tourist attractions was mind boggling.

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