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Default The Final Solution (Saving Chairs/Lounges)

May this rough draft find it's way to Carnaval Corp and Royal Caribbean.
Adapting the same policy concerning non-occupied seats onboard the ships.

Security should enforce the violations and document the cabin number of all registered guest, whom receive any written notice of violation.
Notices can be directed to each cabin with a penalty upon second notice being delivered to that cabin, Including and not limited to denied shore access at ports of call, denied pool and theater seating.
Every registered passenger in that cabin, which notice was given should be re-issued a bright RED key card.
That way the idiot and his or her group suffer together for abusing the other paying passengers onboard.

Just as the motion picture industry adopted public notice inside the theaters concerning cell Phones and Pagers, the cruise lines should take the same precautions to prevent seats from being saved.

20-minutes before the theater show, all non occupied seats are to be open for all guest entering the theater.
It will be the responsibility of every guest onboard the ship to use the bathroom before entering the theater and occupying a seat.
Crew members can finalize all theater seating upon 15-minutes of show time.
If a passenger is saving any seats in the theater, the crew member and or attendant finalizing all seating can request to view his or her key card for verification of a written violation to be directed to the assigned cabin of that passenger saving any seats.

The Cruise line would need to maintain strict control and announce the rules 30-minutes before the show starting time and every ten minutes there after.
The cruise director can arrange these announcements in the opening presentation in the theater 30-minutes before the show starts on a screen or in person.

The waiters at every dining venue can also advise the guest of the time restrictions, so that a group has advance warning of the rules and regulations.
For those who show up late in the dining room and want that cup of coffee with desert after dining will end up sitting as directed in an unoccupied seat.

The pool area should have (POOL BUTLERS) and a security officers enforcing the rules and regulations at all times, including the movies on the big screen being shown at night.

No personal items are to be placed on any chairs/lounges at any time that does not have a passenger present in the pool area for each lounge.
All items removed by security can be claimed from security, so security can direct a writice violation to that persons cabin.
It will be the securities responsibility to place a RED flag on a lounge after 45-minutes, and removes any items on that lounge.
The pool bar tenders can also provide warning to guest, whom may be getting drunk while saving a lounge.
The red flag should be enough warning for any one person in a group elsewhere on the ship.

If for any reason a passenger claims that they were at the pool bar or in the jacuzzi, or possibly in the Buffet area, security can deliver a first warning to that cabin and document the violation.

1) Each passenger receives the rules and regulations and signs a notice of acceptance before boarding the ship.
2) The violators should receive a penalty upon second written notice.
3) Written notices should be documented by security and delivered to the cabin for record.

Any suggestions?
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