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Originally Posted by houdeg View Post
When booking my NCL cruise on the Spirit I was told I would receive a $100.00 on on board credit for booking the cruise. On past NCL cruises the certificate was waiting in the stateroom. This past June (2010) in small print on our eticket it said to download our "bonus". I did not download it because I did not see it.. Once on board we asked twice about our credit and was told it would be on our last statement. It never was, we inquired before we left the ship on the last day and we were told we would have to take it up with customer relations, we were treated very rudely that last day when we inquired. I took it up with customer relations, in writing, which is the only way it would get reviewed. NCL regreted the "miscommunication" but they would not reimburse me for the $100.00, instead they would give me the credit on a future cruise if I took it within the next year. I told them they could keep it. I have done 4 cruises with NCL and will not do another. It is only $100.00 but it really is the principal of the matter and I feel they are not honest. When you try to clarify things such as this, on the cruise, they talk in circles and make like they do not understand what you are talking about. So BUYER BEWARE, don't get ripped off like I did.
You might like to think of your $100 loss as a "not paying attention tax".
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