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My opinion of branded cruise credit cards--

I have the Royal Caribbean, Princess, former Carnival Sea Miles and the new Sea Miles cards. Unless you cruise a lot (getting the 2x points) they really are not going to help you much. Other reward cards are better. The BEST BY FAR of the cruise cards is the new Chase Sea Miles. You can use any cruise line and use the rewards on any cruise. It's not associated with any specific cruise line and administered independently. Carnival has a new Mastercard through Barclay Bank (who does the Princess card) that gives points faster, but again there are independent cards that are better.

AF1 used to fly over my ranch on occasion. After all I do have a former president as a neighbor. It used to be fun watching the small aircraft getting too close to restricted air space and being intercepted by fighter aircraft.

Kuki's information is a good guideline on your costs.
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