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Cool All y ours

Originally Posted by SusanMarie View Post
Hi Parrot Mom,

He is ALL Mine!!!...;-) I'm doing a lot of Mix And Match clothes for both of us. It has cut down on a lot over packing.


Well Susan.. I've made a list..cut out half of my dressy clothes and working on mixing and matching..only one dressy o utfit for 13 days, but I've even going to work on giving it several looks. Pennys has tank tops with sheer blouses and Im incorporating mine with three different colored pants. Now if I can convince Parrot Pop who I pack up for that he doesn't need those extra non-clothing items..After 55 years married to the same man I don't want to have to break in another one.. one is enough.. but I would of liked to have borrowed yours for packing assignments.. like Kelly Girls
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