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If you were going into Ocho Rios, Jamaica...I would be giving you completely different advice....

but Montego Bay is still a pit hole....

Even as many times we have been there, I still get off the ship and walk around...but I do not leave the port. It simply isn't worth the aggreviation.

Even the tours through the ship left two elderly ladies (sisters) very shaken up. Since they were on a ship tour, I thought they would be ok....

but when their tour stopped for a little shopping...the pit hole opened up.
One vender physically grabbed one sister while another vendor physically grabbed the other one and tried to separate them.

These ladies were in their 70's and have not traveled much. They were terrified. One almost tripped trying to get away and could have broken a hip. Sadly, stories like this are not isolated incidents.

This pit hole should not enjoy cruiser's money until it can learn to treat its guests with respect.

Ocho Rios got its act together...Montego Bay should do the same thing.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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