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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
Sorry Donna, no one deserves tips for just doing their job! A tip is a reward for going beyond the call of duty in rendering a service to a customer. I do my job everyday to the best of my ability and have never received a tip for doing so.

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Except on cruise ship the tips comprise roughly 90+% of their salary. The cruise lines should not call them tips, but what they really are a Service Charge. Make the per day charge mandatory and if you wish to tip above that then that is your choice.

Plus isn't it the job of management to make service from crew discrete? They don't want the room steward barging in to clean your room when you are in your cabin getting ready. They want them to live up to the old joke that is often told about how you got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and when you returned to your bed it was made up. So I don't really see the requirement for them to be visible everyday to get a tip. If there is something you need, you can call housekeeping. As long as the steward cleans your room appropriately, and follows through with any reasonable requests, then he/she deserves to obtain their daily tip (service charge) and if you feel like going above that, that's great too.
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