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Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
I love Montego Bay and always get off the ship and exit the port area.

I sometimes even walk back to the ship. No worries. Last time, the only people who even said anything to me were taxi drivers trying to pick up a fare. I told them to sail on!

Some people are travelers and others just tourists. When I visit another nation I expect it to be different and go with the flow. I'm not so arrogant as to expect sovereign nations to change their culture to accommodate me.

Now if the U.S. would end the arrogant, moronic boycott of Cuba, I think you would see cruise lines start to switch ports.

Labeling people as travelers or tourists does not excuse physically attacking two 70 year old ladies. It is not arrogant to expect not to be physically grabbed and jerked around. It is called respect.

And if that is their culture....fine...but don't expect people to come there and spend their money to be treated like that.

If one of those sisters had fallen and broken a hip....I am sure they would not care what you "labeled" them.

This is not an isolated incident. It has been an ongoing problem for years which is why Ocho Rios finally got off their fanny and corrected the problem.

Mo Bay should do the same.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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