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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
The Mo Bay terminal...5 or 6 little shops selling the identical junk souvenirs, a cigar shop probably selling fake Cubans, and a 6 chair snack bar that does have icy cold Red Stripe which was the highlight of our hour off the ship. These are all in an area of about 1000 square feet inside a large open-air building. Then you go through security with x-ray machines, metal detectors, and still get patted down - sex doesn't matter since female guards patted me and my son down last month - and that was that. Mo Bay is a bonus day at sea for us. Twas a moment of weakness that led us ashore this time. I won't make the mistake again.
Don't take it personally.....I think I get patted down everytime we go to Montego Bay! I never have anything illegal on me so I never worry about it!
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