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Would you be interested in a 14days cruise from Venice, Italy (VCE) to NYC (LGA) from Oct30th thru Nov13th? The ship will stop in Cadiz, Spain; Malaga, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; And, Ponta Delgada, Portugal.

The cruise fare is $649 + $127 in tax & port fees ...if you're really a grad student, then I will help pay portion of the cruise fare. You will only be looking to spend on air cost and $549 (cruise fare). And, if you need help searching for air, let me know your airport code.

If you want to learn more about this cruise, please visit and search for NCL Gem transatlantic cruise.

Originally Posted by ShadowDancer894 View Post
I'm 29, grad student, And I am almost done with my doctorate. I just have a teeny bit more work to be completed and then my formal education is over! After over a decade of classes, I very much think that I will need a cruise ( and not just to save my sanity from the immense course work) to relax a bit. I have VERY limited window in Oct in which I can travel, before I have to complete my terminal degree. I want to kick up my heels, dance the night away, sip on some daquaris and make a new friend (could that be you?)

I'm a social drinker, a morning person (well after the first cup of coffee/tea is in me, I love AM yoga and am a super touristy person (I'm the person who will drive 1/2 way across the country to see the worlds largest ball of string.) and my favorite thing to do on the cruise is EAT.

Oh and P.S. Did I mention I'm a grad student? And as we all know grad student = nearly poor. So I do tend to take budget trips (I.E. Interior cabin, back of the boat bottom of the ship, 4 - 5 days. I've even had the cabin with the bunk beds).

I'd like to find a person (or persons because I'd completely room with and find two other random fun people and share a triple) and make new friends. I'm always on the look out for new travel buddies. Age, race, gender are not important. Being relaxed fun loving and wanting to experience much of what a place wants to offer is. I'm hoping to find free-spirited, laid back people, just nutty enough to be willin to do a caribbean cruise during hurricane season.

There are bonus points for being a foodie.

I want someone who shares the idea that this is our vacation; our chance to do the things that we don't get to do the other 352 days a year. Let's make the most of it!

If you think this might be fun, Drop me a line.
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