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No real hidden fees. Its all written out in the paper work you will receive and on their web site.
It is like most lines,
you pay extra for the Spa and Bingo, alcohol.
You can get free pop, coffee, milk, tea, at the drink station and the restaurants however if you order pop from a waiter around the pools or at the shows or in the louges or clubs you are charged for it.
They also have Martini and wine tasting for adults that costs extra if you sign up for it.
The adult restaurant, Remy ( think thats how its spelled) will have a small fee, I think $15 per person to cover the tip but the food is free.
They have speciality coffees they charge for.

All the other events on the ship are free that I can think of. Shows are free, clubs are free, room service is free ( tip at your disgression)

Of course excursions cost extra.
They do have a couple of stores for souvenirs and snacks that you can purchase but there is free food all day long so no real need to buy anything unless you want candy.
With the exception of the adult restaurant Remy's all the food places are included in your cruise cost. Kids clubs are free.
Oh i forgot the nursery does charge. It is $6 per hour minimum 2 hours and you must make a reservation. It is for kids under 3 that arnt potty trained yet.

Hope that helps you some.
Since nobody has been on the Dream yet some things we dont know for sure yet.
Your going before me, I am jealous!!! !! I have to wait until Halloween to go.

I hope you will post a review with pictures here so we can see them and hear all about it.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. This will be #21 Disney cruise for me. Plus 1 Carnival so I should be able to answer most questions you may have.


20 DCL cruises and counting!
1 Carnival Glory cruise

Waiitng for the new ships to arrive for more magical cruises!!
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