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Originally Posted by 7x57 View Post
Wish I could make the trip with ya. I love your "self-description".

Oh-uh, I love myself, too. But, I am not here to auction myself. In the movie Six Degrees of Separation put it best: "Every person is a new door to a different world." Wish Americans can be that interesting, but the fact is, they're boring people. They shackle themselves to an 8-to-6 corporate slave job til their health start to deteriorate, then they start to travel. lol.

Several years back, I was on a 22 days Panama Canal cruise and the average age for the passengers were 87 years old (really!). I never seen so mmmmmaaaannnyyy passengers in wheel-chairs & motor-carts with walking canes & oxygen tanks/masks. OMG, it was an unbelievable moment to see so many people with health problems. To make long story short, I had an amazing experience on that cruise! I learned so much from those kind and wise people. But, it's so sad to see so many Americans wait until their health in a compromise state, then they start to live their lives.

Are there ANY young interesting Americans out there that can take 14days cruise? NNNNOOOOOOTTT
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