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Default Bull S

quote: "In frustration, I started a blog. In response, I got a form letter, obviously cut and pasted, basically saying that sometimes when you put people together from different backgrounds, there can be tension"

When you read the authors post and response you want to say 'Bull Sxxx'

On the other hand though I can understand the authors concern,
two things stand out,
her way of dealing with things that bother her,
Quote: I live in New York City, and when someone does something disgusting like that my instinct is to pipe up"

Well she could have handled it in a different way as she is not in New York City. Not all of us appreciate someone we do not know yelling at us.

The other item was the passenger knew he was off his meds but somehow he was fine for the rest of the voyage and did not cause a viable concern to the other passengers or the ships crew.

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